Trip – Veliki Rat

Trip – Veliki Rat

Departure at 9:00 am from Sukošan.

At the first stop you will enjoy the view of the bay located north of Božava where there is a secret naval tunnel built by the JNA as a shelter for the navy. Naval tunnels are a historical attraction that is definitely worth seeing. The depth of the sea is about 6 meters along the entire length of the tunnel, and the height is 12 meters.

Driving to the lighthouse, you will have the opportunity to dive and swim next to an interesting attraction; the wreckage of the sunken ship Michelle. He was transporting bulk cargo and ran aground in 1984. The exact reason for the sinking is not known, but it is speculated that it was intentionally stranded to obtain compensation. Because the ship is at a very shallow depth, some parts of it still protrude above sea level. Therefore, this location is ideal for undemanding diving with basic diving equipment because it is not necessary to dive with diving bottles at great depths.

After diving and swimming, we are driving to Sakarun. Before visiting the paradise beach Sakarun, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic called Veli Rat. It is 42 meters high, it was built 170 years ago and is recognizable by its yellow color and natural shield that protects it from storms. A dense pine forest surrounds the lighthouse, and in front are beautiful pebble beaches with crystal clear sea.

The extremely shallow sea of Sakarun beach is ideal for families with children.

Possibility to visit the beach Veli Žal whose turquoise blue sea and untouched nature is an ideal destination for all romantics and solitude lovers.

Possibility of lunch by arrangement.

After swimming on the desired beach, you can visit the Golubinka cave and the Zmajevo Oko (Dragon’s Eye). This unusual cave is a natural phenomenon because it hides a magnificent underwater beach, and through an opening in the interior comes light that refracts and illuminates the rock cliffs creating a truly special effect, which you must experience. The cave is truly proof that you don’t need to travel far to enjoy an indescribable experience.

Dragon’s eye is located near the cave Golubinka, on the southwest side of the island where you will also have the opportunity to swim. In the carbonate rocks formed a hundred million years ago there is a sea basin deeply cut into the rocks.

At 18:00 return to Sukošan.

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